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UA:PBC to appeal EBU fine while Russia receives reprimand “as rule-breaks were provoked”

This morning, we received breaking news that the EBU had given UA:PBC a “large fine”. UA:PBC, Ukraine’s national broadcaster, hosted the controversial 2017 Eurovision Song Contest at Kyiv’s International Exhibition Center last month. Nevertheless, it has now been revealed that UA:PBC is to appeal their fine. Furthermore, it has announced that the Russian broadcaster has received a reprimand for their actions.

UA:PBC to appeal: “The travel ban wasn’t the broadcaster’s decision”

The Director General at UA:PBC, Zurab Alasania, has spoken out this afternoon. He has confirmed that the fine the EBU has placed upon the broadcaster totals €200,000. Regarding the decision to appeal, Alasania explains that it wasn’t the broadcaster’s decision to ban Samoylova so should not be made responsible. He made the following statement to Reuters:

“Formally, it wasn’t us who made the decision not to allow her (Russian singer Yulia Samoylova), but I don’t think that the SBU (State Security Service) or the government will want to take part in this.”

Channel One reprimanded as “rule-breaks were provoked”

It’s not just UA:PBC who is in hot water. has revealed that Channel One Russia received a reprimand from the EBU. This is due to their failure to attend the heads of delegation meeting in March. In addition, it is due to their failure to broadcast the contest. Nevertheless, the Reference Group believe no firmer action should be taken at the moment as the rule-breaks were provoked:

“The Reference Group believes that the competition rules violations were committed (by Channel One) due to the fact that the Russian singer was not allowed access to the competition in Ukraine.”

The saga will rumble on

There is no doubt that this saga will continue to rumble on throughout the summer. The saga began in the lead up to the 2017 contest when the Ukrainian government placed a travel ban on Russia’s chosen participant, Julia Samoylova. Channel One Russia then turned down various options given to them by the EBU. In April, they withdrew from the contest.

What do you think of the EBU’s decision to reprimand Russia? Is UA:PBC correct to appeal their fine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below and via our social media channels @ESCXTRA!

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