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Schlager singer Chris Roberts dies aged 73

German singer Chris Roberts has died. The schlager legend was aged 73 and died after a long battle with cancer.

Children, Kinder, Enfants

Back in 1985, Chris Roberts entered the Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden. Together with five other singers, he represented Luxembourg with the trilingual entry Children, Kinder, Enfants. The group, also consisting of Ireen Sheer (Eurovision 1974 & 1978), finished in thirteenth place.
The song was composed by Ralph Siegel. The composer responded to Chris Roberts’s death on Facebook tonight, stating:

Sometimes one’s just speechless. There simply are no words. I can’t and don’t want to believe it. You will be more than missed by many. Rest in peace.

From mechanic to schlager legend

Chris Roberts started his career over fifty years ago, in 1964. The singer was working as a mechanic, but decided to shift his career towards music. His peak of fame came in the 1970s, when he joined Siegel’s record label Jupiter Records. A start at that record label was made with a duet between Roberts and his later Eurovision partner, Ireen Sheer. The British born singer has, like Ralph Siegel, responded to Chris Roberts’s passing.
His biggest hit came in 1974, with Du kannst nicht immer siebzehn sein. The song stayed in the top ten of the charts for many weeks in Germany. He also started composing and producing songs for other artists around that time.
Let’s remember Chris Roberts’s Eurovision adventure from 1985 below. The entire Team’s thoughts are with his friends and family in these difficult times.

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