LISTEN: Ott Lepland releases “Siin me kokku saime”

Estonia’s 2012 representative Ott Lepland has released a new single in time for summer. “Siin me kokku saime” is a mid-tempo track with a catchy chorus which will be perfect for chill summer evenings. Ott wrote the song himself, alongside Maian Kärmas. Eurovision fans might recognise Maian as one of the writers of “Everybody” – Estonia’s 2001 winning song.
He also released a music video with the song! The video features a beautiful lapse of the varied Estonian landscape and lyrics on screen.
Kuula” finished in 6th place back in 2012. It’s Estonian’s joint best result since 2009. The beautiful  and powerful ballad, sung entirely in Estonian, has been a fan favorite since the contest – not least because of Lepland’s stunning vocal performance.

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