Loreen’s new project #NUDE begins on July 14th! [Updated]

Loreen posted on her Instagram page earlier today about a project that she is currently working on. She has not said much about this project, only leaving the hashtag #NUDE at the end of her post. Could it be that Loreen is finally releasing the new music she has promised her fans for so long?

“All will be uncovered soon”
If it is new music, then this would be the fist out of the two albums/EPs she mentioned in her interviews during Melodifestivalen earlier this year.

UPDATE: July 7th, 7.45 CET

It looks like Loreen will be releasing something next Friday, check out her latest Instagram teaser below!

UPDATE: July 10th, 8.30 CET

It’s closer to Friday and Loreen has released another teaser for #Nude

Loreen’s journey so far

The early years

Loreen started her journey in Swedish Idol in 2004 where she placed 4th overall. She then made herself known to Eurovision fans by participating in Melodifestivalen in 2011 with ‘My Heart is Refusing Me’ where she got knocked out in Andra Chansen.

2012: A historic moment

She participated again in Melodifestivalen the year after with her hit ‘Euphoria’. After winning Melodifestivalen, she went on to win in Baku and gave Sweden their fifth win. ‘Euphoria’ holds the record for the most 12 points received under the old voting system. Of course, Salvador Sobral now holds the record for the most 12s in one contest as a result of the new voting system!

2017: The eagerly awaited comeback

Loreen did come back to Melodifestivalen this year with her new single ‘Statements’. She immediately received major hype from fans and bookmakers even placed her as favourite to win Melodifestivalen. At the same time, Sweden were also favourites to win Eurovision and taking their 7th win! Unfortunately, she only made it as far as Andra Chansen where she lost her duel against Anton Hagman.

Do you think that Loreen will finally release her follow up to ‘Heal’ or is Loreen hinting about a project other than music? Leave a comment below with your opinion and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ESCXTRA!

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