NF fan-favorites Greta Zazza and Paula to diva it out in “The Voice”

The 5th season of the Lithuanian version of “The Voice” is set to start this fall, however, the filming has already begun and it saw some familiar faces. Greta Zazza and Paula from this year’s national selection were both spotted among the auditionees.

Greta Zazza currently lives in Stockholm and is going back and forth to Lithuania to make it in the music business. She finished 6th in the national final with “LIke I Love You” although she was clearly tipped as the Eurovision’s fanbase favorite.

Paula continues with her music career as well releasing a new song “So Fine” (listen below). She also underwent a lot of controversy for being overly sexual in her Eurovision performances while only being 16.  Paula placed 7th (last) in the national final for Lithuania with “Let U Go”.


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