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WATCH: Kristian Kostov performs at MAD VMA

The MAD VMA 2017, which was held on 27 June at the TAE KWO DO in Athens, also featured Bulgaria’s representative of this year’s Eurovision, Kristian Kostov. He had the honour of singing his Beautiful Mess in Greece.

MAD VMA loving Bulgaria

Kristian Kostov isn’t the first Bulgarian artist to perform at MAD VMA. The past two Eurovision results Bulgaria delivered did not go unnoticed in Greece. In 2016, the Greeks also invited Poli Genova over to perform If Love Was A Crime there. She then sang it together with Demy, who went on to represent the country in Kyiv.
Kristian wasn’t alone on stage this time. His Beautiful Mess was turned into a duo performance, together with Snik.
Enjoy Kristian’s performance on the video below:

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