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OG3NE’s mother Isolde dies aged 48

Sad news from The Netherlands. Isolde Vol, the mother of girl group OG3NE, has passed away. She was aged just 48 and lost a long lasting battle against cancer. The news comes just a few months after her surprise visit to Kyiv, where her daughters represented The Netherlands.

Lights and shadows

Lisa, Amy and Shelley Vol, also known as OG3NE represented The Netherlands in the most recent Eurovision Song Contest. Their song, Lights And Shadows, was an ode to their mother. The song had been co-composed by their father, Rick Vol.
During their time in Kyiv, the girls were aware that their mother was not feeling well enough to travel along to the Eurovision Song Contest. Much to their surprise did their mother decide to travel to the Ukrainian capital just a day before the grand final, in which her daughters finished in eleventh place.
The song was an ode to their mother, who had been battling cancer for quite a while already. Isolde Vol was aware she was going to lose her battle, but kept on fighting. Only a few weeks ago did she decide to stop her cancer treatment.

Eternal smile

Soon after Isolde’s death, her daughters commented on Facebook. OG3NE wrote about what their mother meant to them and said:

We trust that her will to fight, positivity, perseverance and eternal smile will give us the strength to carry on.

The family added that they hope their privacy will be respected in the upcoming days and weeks. They have cancelled all events for now.
The thoughts of the entire Team are with the Vol family in these difficult times. For now, let’s relive the moment OG3NE honoured their mother in Kyiv.

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