An Xtra Happy Birthday; July 13th

Just one birthday today, but what a birthday it is! Today’s birthday girl celebrates her big 3-0, and we are very happy to celebrate it with her!! 

Eva Rivas, 30

Eva Rivas represented Armenia in the 2010 Eurovision in Oslo. She qualified in sixth place from the second semi-final with the wonderful “Apricot Stone”. In the grand final she finished 7th, continuing Armenia’s streak of top 10 results; this was their 5th out of 5 tries.
Eva Rivas might not be remembered for her song alone, though. A lot of people still remember her outfit; more specifically the top half; it seemed they might have forgotten part of it. Or perhaps they just ran out of fabric?

All of us here at escXtra wish Eva an Xtra super 30th birthday! 

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