LISTEN: Sanremo hopeful Annalisa releases ‘Tutto Per Una Ragione’

Summer has arrived in Italy! Not just in temperatures, but also in their music scene. Three time Sanremo Festival entrant Annalisa has released a new track, Tutto Per Una Ragione, together with Benji & Fede.
Annalisa is no stranger to the Sanremo Festival and, because of that, to Eurovision fans. In 2013, 2015 and 2016, she participated in Sanremo. Her best result came in 2015, when Una Finestra Tra Le Stelle finished in fourth. She’s been a rumoured Eurovision name in all of her participations as well.
They released Tutto Per Una Ragione  on streaming platforms today, so you can now enjoy it on those as well! Last month, Benji&Fede already released the new video together with Annalisa. Their new song is full of summer vibes, so it’s worth checking out when you need to feel a bit of summer! If this is her new sound, we’d be looking forward to more Sanremo entries from her!

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