LISTEN: “Líður aðeins betur”, the new song from Paul Oscar!

Are you ready for New Music Friday? Páll Óskar (Paul Oscar) himself, released a new song call “Líður aðeins betur” which translates to “Feel a bit better”. He hardly needs to be introduced to great Eurovision fans, nevertheless here is his memorable entry from 1997 “Minn hinnsti dans“.

The new single “Líður aðeins betur”

This song is heartwarming and will probably end up being one of Páll Óskar’s classics. The song is about remembering this “One” great person in your life and how fortunate you are to have him/her in your life, a soulmate, a person who knows you the whole way through. In conclusion, Páll Óskar sure knows how to express words of kindness and delivers it in a beautiful way. Thank you!
Here is the song “Líður aðeins betur” on Spotify! He asks us to share with those that need it. So I share it with you.
And here is the official music video!
What are your thoughts on this song? Páll Óskar is always full of ideas. Would you be interested to hear more of them?
P.S. A small geeky fact, Ólöf Erla Einarsdóttir, who worked on this video, also worked with Gréta Salóme in 2016. Ólöf worked on the impressive video and graphics to the song “Hear them calling“!

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