Pastora Soler storms back with ‘La Tormenta’

It’s a special day for Pastora Soler. The Spanish singer has just released her first single in years. Her new song is a true storm: La Tormenta. One worth checking out!

Pastora Soler’s stage fright battle

Back in 2014, Pastora Soler felt the results of her stage fright. She had been fighting the issue for a while, but it got to a stage where she could no longer continue her music career after fainting on stage. She then announced her withdrawal from music until she had found a way to deal with the stage fright.
The news came just two years after Pastora took the stage in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, which took place in Baku, Azerbaijan. After years of Eurovision misery, the singer brought her home country Spain a top ten placing once again with Quédate Conmigo. Even though it was ‘just’ a tenth place, Pastora seemed to have won the heart of many a Eurovision fan during that night in Azerbaijan.
She had some rare appearances, such as a brief appearance on La Voz Kids in 2015, but it got quite quiet around Soler. In February of this year, she announced that she was ready to return to the music scene and new material would soon follow.

La Tormenta

The first sign of this new material was released today. Pastora Soler dropped her new single, La Tormenta. Describing the song isn’t that difficult. When we heard ‘Pastora Soler’ and ‘New song’, we thought ‘Power ballad’. And that is pretty much what Pastora absolutely delivers.
Her new material doesn’t sound that different from her previous works, but that is not a bad thing. Her old material is timeless and judging by La Tormenta, so is her new material. Pastora is proving that a three year break isn’t always bad for you.
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