Kállay Saunders featured in Reni Tolvai’s new single ‘Say’

Looks like the summer is the perfect time for former Eurovision contestants to release new music and forget about PED! Latest to the list András Kállay Saunders, who has released a song together with Reni Tolvai.
Reni Tolvai has released a new single, called Say. The former A Dal entrant has collaborated with her  boyfriend and Eurovision entrant András Kállay Saunders on the new track. The song was also written by Saunders himself. It sees him feature in the track in a more backing vocal effect.
However, when it gets to the chorus Remi and Kállay’s voice inter-twine together when they both sing the lyrics.
Kállay Saunders represented Hungary at Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen and managed to achieve a respectable fifth place, Hungary’s second best result in the contest ever. His girlfriend Reni was in A Dal twice before. Kállay Saunders returned to A Dal in 2016 and 2017 with the Kallay Saunders band and reached the Grand Final in both participations.
Listen to the song on Spotify below:

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