Outtrigger’s Simon Peyron goes solo with ‘Breaking Up’

Do you remember Outtrigger? The metal band performing in Melodifestivalen 2014 with Echo? Their lead singer is back with a solo effort. And trust us, his Breaking Up is far from what he previously did!
Simon has made his solo début on the music scene with this summery pop track. The song is full of interesting details. Not only is the pop melody solid as a rock, the edges are leaning towards electronic music. The track isn’t polished, mainly because of Simon and he does it well. Top the package off with a bit of echo and a voice which seems to be able to do everything and you end up with this: A very successful solo début.
It might not even be odd to suggest that Simon Peyron’s solo career may lead him to Melodifestivalen once again. Would he be in the running with a track like Breaking Up? Make sure to let us know!

Nick van Lith

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