An Xtra Happy Birthday; July 16th

Another two Eurovision birthday’s to celebrate today, and again; more differences than similarities between these two. One is a woman, the other a man. One is over 70, the other just over 50. One finished top 10, the other dead last. They both performed in their native language, though! 

Monica, 71

Monica Aspelund represented Finland in the 1977 Eurovision Song Contest, with the song “Lapponia”. She finished in 10th place, which might sound better than it really is. Back then, 10th place was “right hand side of the scoreboard”, since only 17 countries took part. Monica recorded “Lapponia” in Dutch, English, French, German and Swedish as well as Finnish.

Andy, 53

Andy Abraham was the UK representative in the 2008 Eurovision in Belgrade. He performed the song “Even If”, finishing in shared last place with Poland’s Isis Gee and her “For Life”. Andy also co-wrote his entry.

All of us here at escXtra hope that Monica and Andy both have wonderful birthday celebrations today! 

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