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Sanja Vučić set to star in new RTS series

RTS announced Psi laju, vetar nosi, a brand new series set to premiere this October. The series is produced by the broadcaster and CONTRAST STUDIOS and directed by Jelene Bajić-Jočić. As a matter of fact, the series will have a familiar face; Sanja Vučić!

The dogs are barking, the wind is carrying

The series is set to premiere in October 2017. Rados Bajic, known for writing the long-running series Selo gori a baba se češlja, wrote the series. Furthermore, the series is a comedy that tells the story of a controversial urban world in the suburbs of Belgrade. In due time, RTS released a statement regarding the series:

“Set in Straževica, Rakovica, Resnik, Ostružnica, Sremčica and Orlovač, the author reminds us of the small, ordinary, people from the margins of society who, in search of a better life, were stranded on the outskirts of the city. Carried out with troubles and dreams of a better life, they are trying to catch up with the pulse of a big city to become its part. In events that are often at the edge of absurdity and bizarreness, our protagonists meet with many temptations, challenges, joys and disappointments. Cute, dear, benevolent and comical, they will surely win the attention and affection of our viewers.”

The production team includes professional authors and filmmakers from RTS and CONTRAST STUDIOS. It is lead by young director Jelena Bajić-Jočić. When talking about the series, director Bajić-Jočić said:

“I am very pleased with the work we have done. We have recorded excellent material and I am confident that the audience will love our characters and will enjoy the series”

The cast includes Sanja Vučić!

The series includes several famous actors from Serbia, such as Tihomir Stanic, Mira Banjac and Anita Mančić. In addition, the cast includes Sanja Vučić, known for representing Serbia in the 2016 contest. Besides having a part in the series, the talented singer will perform the theme song for the series.

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