LISTEN: Marta Jandová shows courage in ‘Školíš Mě’

Marta Jandová is back with a bang! The Czech singer has released her second ever solo single and her first ever song in her own language, Czech: Školíš Mě.
Jandová represented the Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest. Together with Václav Noid Bárta, the singer brought Hope Never Dies to Vienna. Their hopes of a good result died in the semifinal after failing to qualify. Nothing to worry about, though: Marta had a successful career in Germany to make up for her loss.
Her German career is still ongoing with the band Die Happy. In her home nation Czech Republic, her success has been moderate. She now hopes to change that with her first ever Czech song, Školíš Mě. 
We’re on board with her new song, but… Are you? Let us know what you think below!

Nick van Lith

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