Meet the ESCXTRA team! Part 21 – CONNOR

This summer, we are running a series of feature articles that is slightly different to the norm. We think this is the perfect time for you (and us!) to find out more about the ESCXTRA team! What is our personal Eurovision story? Why did we want to be a part of this website? What are our favourite Eurovision songs of all-time? How can you get in touch with us on social media? Read on to find out!


I am 15 years old from Australia, currently a high-school student. You can follow me on these social media accounts:
Twitter: @connorfesc

Your first Eurovision Memory?

As a relatively young person in comparison with some of the other editors at ESCXTRA, my first Eurovision memory would be much more recent. My first memory is from 2012. It would be watching and hearing about Loreen’s iconic victory in Baku, Azerbaijan. At this stage, I didn’t really understand what Eurovision was, but her powerful lyrics and inspiring voice sparked my interest in the contest.

Your Eurovision Journey?

As I previously mentioned, my journey has been quite short, yet fulfilling so far. So ‘conveniently’, I first heard about the contest just after it had ended, meaning that I had an entire year to wait before it could happen again. However, I closely followed the media and selections that year, and had all of my opinions ready for the next year’s contest in Malmö. Over the years, I began to develop a stronger interest for the contest, and I was absolutely thrilled when Australia was permitted to take part in the contest. My love for music is partly to blame for my slight obsession with the contest.
Living in Australia, sometimes it is inconvenient to watch all of the national finals, as they would often take place in the early hours of the morning. However, in 2014, I tuned into my first national final, which was Die Große Entscheidungsshow in Switzerland. I rooted for Sebalter, of course, and look how that turned out! Since then, I have kept up with Swiss, Swedish, Finnish and countless other national selection processes, sometimes at the cost of my sleeping hours!

Why is Eurovision special to you?

Music is a huge passion of mine. I have been playing the piano and singing for as long as I can remember. I have also, for a long time, had an interest in foreign culture, being somewhat isolated in Australia. Eurovision allowed me to further explore this love for music and culture. However, Eurovision also represents some of my inner values. Peace, unity, and compassion; these are all things that Eurovision promotes which I find very important.

What attracted you to ESCXTRA?

Quite some time after my first experience with the Eurovision Song Contest, I wanted to always be kept up with the contest and selections. ESCXTRA was one of the news outlets I found first, and since then, I’ve had a sort of allegiance to it. The live-stream was always something that I enjoyed watching as well.
More recently, I decided that I wanted to put my Eurovision obsession to a good use. And, because it had always been a dream of mine to write for a Eurovision news site, I decided to apply, and look where I am now!

And finally, what are your top 5 Eurovision songs of all time?

5. Céline Dion – Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi (Switzerland 1988)

4. Conchita Wurst – Rise Like A Phoenix (Austria 2014)

3. Zlata Ognevich – Gravity (Ukraine 2013)

2. Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing in the Rain (Spain 2014)

1. Nina Kraljić – Lighthouse (Croatia 2016)

‘Lighthouse’ has to be my favourite Eurovision entry ever. Despite coming 23rd in the Grand Final that year, Nina’s song and voice still amaze me. The song was mysterious and powerful with a beautiful meaning behind it. The staging, while somewhat bare, was beautiful and artistic. She brought Croatia back to the Grand Final after their absence, and for that, she can be proud.
Stay tuned for the next part in our Meet the ESCXTRA team series. On Saturday we will meet Tim! Remember you can share your Eurovision stories with us in the comments section below or via the comments sections on our Facebook page @ESCXTRA. We would love to hear them!

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