An Xtra Happy Birthday; July 19th

We’ve had a couple of “birthday free” days again, but today we’re back with three Eurostars to celebrate. One participated as part of a band, one as part of a duo and the third took to the Eurovision stage all on her own. And as we often do; we’ll start with the oldest. 

Amila, 51

Amila Glamocak represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1996 Eurovision in Oslo. She performed the song “Za nasu ljubav”, finishing 22 out of 23 entries. In 2001 and 2003 she took part in the Slovenian national selections, without success. Today she turns 51, and we hope she has an Xtra super birthday!

Kaspars, 44

Kaspars Roga is the drummer and one of the founding members of Brainstorm/Prata Vetra. Brainstorm represented Latvia in the country’s debut year; 2000. They finished third in the contest in Stockholm with their song “My Star”. This was two places down from where they should have finished, as this is one of the best entries in the history of the contest. (Sorry for getting a bit personal here.) Today is Kaspars’ 44th birthday, and we wish him an Xtra lovely celebration!

Marjetka, 33

Marjetka Vovk is one half of the duo Maraaya, that represented Slovakia in the 2015 Eurovision in Vienna. The other half of the duo is her husband, Ales Vovk, better known as Raay. Maraaya performed ther song “Here For You”, qualifying from their semi-final in 5th plave. In the grand final they finished 14th. Marjetka is easily recognizeable on stage, as she always wears her signature head phones. Perhaps she’ll get new ones for her birthday today?

An Xtra Happy Birthday to Amila, Kaspars and Marjetka! 

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