Listen; Yohanna‘s cover of Celine‘s „All By Myself“

Slightly less than 1900 people live in the small fishing village of Dalvik in the north of Iceland. However, on the Saturday after the first Monday of August around 30 000 people gather there. Why, you ask? The annual festival Fiskidagurinn Mikli (The Great Fish Day). They come to eat fish, enjoy a day off with time with friends and family… and listen to live music! One of the main attractions is Fiskidagstónleikarnir; the Fish Day Concert. Many of Iceland‘s most popular singers take part in this concert.

Yohanna‘s cover Celine´ Dion´s song

In the run-up to this year‘s concert, a video from last year has surfaced on Youtube, and we are as blown away by it as everybody else. In the clip we hear Yohanna (2nd place at Eurovision in 2009 with „Is It True“) perform a 100% flawless cover of Celine Dion‘s (Winner of Eurovision 1988 with „Ne partez pas sans moi“) „All By Myself“.

(Curious fact; Five (yes, FIVE!) of Iceland‘s 38 Eurovision participants come from Dalvik! Eyþór Ingi (2013), Matti Matt (Sjonni‘s Friends, 2011) and Friðrik Ómar (Euroband, 2008) all grew up there. Also, both Hera Björk (2010) and Pálmi Gunnarsson (ICY, 1986) lived there at some point.)

Hlynur Sigurðsson

Icelandic Eurovision fan!

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