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Slovenia’s Carmen Manet chosen as Eurovision Choir of the Year

The first ever Eurovision Choir of the Year has been chosen. The choir Carmen Manet from Slovenia took the crown in Latvia’s capital Riga just now.

The competition

If you didn’t see the competition, you sure missed something. Carmen Manet won with a spectacular performance, but there were many highlights to mention. African sounds from the German participants Jazzchor Freiburg, perhaps? Or Hungarian men from the Béla Bartók Male Choir bringing their glasses of red wine on the podium? Of course we can’t forget Austria’s Hard Chor interrupting their own Ave Maria to burst into a folk song about doing whatever you want. After that, they honoured the rutabaga. We’re not kidding.
The interval act was a short, sweet and odd one in Riga. The broadcaster did not hire a special act, but chose to rehearse the closing act of the night together with the audience. My Song was performed by the audience, together with all participating choirs of the night, as well as the song’s composer.
Yes, that all happened tonight, but none of those could beat the Slovenian ladies. The chamber choir Carmen Manet is made up of members of the Gimnazija Kranj Girls Choir. Their members come from both present and past generations.
During their performance, the girls sang Ta Na SolbiciAdrca and Aj, Zelena Je Vsa Gora. They were chosen as the winners of the inaugural Eurovision Choir of the Year by a jury consisting of just three members.
Behind Slovenia, the Welsh choir Côr Merched Sir Gâr finished in second. Latvia’s home choir Spīgo came third.

Next time…

The next Eurovision Choir of the Year will take place in 2019. The EBU announced that the contest is meant to be biannual, like the Eurovision Young Musicians and Eurovision Young Dancers competition. Whether the contest will take place in Slovenia, is still to be seen. It’s not common practice to automatically host the contest the contest after winning the previous edition in spin-offs like this one.
Watch Carmen Manet’s performance below!

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