An Xtra Happy Birthday; July 22nd

On this lovely (at least here in Oslo) July Saturday we need your help in celebrating three Eurostars. They are all fairly recent participants (2006-2013), they all did worse than they hoped at Eurovision (two didn’t qualify for the final, the third finished last in the final) and they all had interesting props on stage with them (fluorecent microphone stands, a teddy bear, impressive drummers…eh; I mean drums…). Let’s get on with the celebration!

Geta, 43

Geta Burlacu represented Moldova in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade. She is first and foremost a jazz singer who also does folk and classical music. Her jazz background is also very clear when you listen to her Eurovision entry “A Century of Love”. The song even includes a jazz trumpet! At Eurovision Geta finished 12th in her semi-final, thus not qualifying for the grand final.

Kate, 37
When Kate Ryan took part in Eurovision in 2006, she already had quite a few chart successes under her belt. Due to this, most people took it for granted that she would qualify for the final. Not only that; she was one of the pre-contest favorites. So it came as a shock whe she only recieved 69 points, finishing 12th in her semi. Her entry, “Je t’adore” is still a huge fan favorite and a guaranteed dancefloor filler at any Eurovision party!

Ryan, 32

Ryan Dolan represented Ireland in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. He qualified for the grand final with his song “Only Love Survives”. However, in the final he failed to make people pick up the phone and vote for him, thus finishing dead last. Post Eurovision Ryan Dolan has released two albums. His biggest success is the video of his song “Start Again”, which has more than 1 million views on Youtube.

All of us here at escXtra wish Geta, Kate and Ryan the happiest of birthdays!!

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