LISTEN: Kyiv 2017 interval act ONUKA release new single “VSESVIT”

Following their success as one of the Eurovision 2017 interval acts, Ukrainian electro-folk group ONUKA have released new single “VSESVIT”. The group describe the song as a “spiritually uplifting World Music hit, the mood of which can be described as the mix of Sigur Ros and the soundtrack to The Lion King.” For the recording ONUKA worked with French collective Deep Forest, a famous name in the World Music genre.
ONUKA formed in 2014, quickly gaining local recognition before showcasing their unique blend of ethnic and electronic sounds to an international audience at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv earlier this year. Their performance featured a collaboration with the ‘National Academic Orchestra of National Instruments’ (NAONI). Shortly after their performance their latest EP “Vidlik” hit the Top 10’s of electronic charts on iTunes in many countries including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and the United Kingdom.
The single will feature on a new album titled ‘MOZAЇKA’ which the group are due to release later this year. A music video for the song is coming soon so look out for an update here at escXtra!

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What do you think of ONUKA’s new song? What did you think of their Eurovision interval performance? Do you think they’d make a great artist to represent Ukraine at Eurovision in the future?

Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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