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Sergey Lazarev sets all eyes on his new album

New music from Sergey Lazarev is closer than you might think! Moments ago the Russian singer announced in a video on Instagram, that he will start releasing new songs every 3 to 4 weeks starting on August, 4th. The full new album will be out in December.

Thanks to the UK Fan Club for the fast translation:

Four years since his last album

The new record will be his first full new album since “Lazarev.”, which was released back in 2013. He released “The Best”, a compilation of his biggest hits, back in 2015. Since the release of it, he is on tour with his “The Best” show. While visiting Germany and Turkey earlier this year, he already invited everyone to the tour of his upcoming record, which is planned for the next year.
Few days ago he was in Portugal. Rumours have it, that he was there to film a new music video for his next single.

To date, Sergey’s live performance of the Grand Final from the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest remains the most viewed video of last years contest with an incredible 20.1 million views. Four million views more, than the music video of Australia’s Dami Im, which is the second most viewed video.
Before his song together with Dima Bilan, he released his last solo single “Lucky Stranger” in English and Russian. Check out the video below.
What do you expect from Sergey’s new record? As his album will be released in December, do you think he might be up for Eurovision 2018?

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