An Xtra Happy Birthday; July 26th

After yesterday’s birthday bonanza (FIVE!!), it’s kind of a relief to have just two Eurostars to celebrate today! They’re both birthday girls and they’re both from up north. Other than that they don’t have much in common. One performed in her country’s official language, the other performed in TWO foreign languages. One performed a big ballad, the other a little jazzy number. One finished in the middle of the scoreboard, the other dangerously close to the bottom. But they were both born on this day, and we’ll start with the oldest, as we (almost) always do!  

Ann-Christine, 63

Ann-Christine Nystrøm represented Finland in the 1966 Eurovision in Luxembourg. She performed the song “Playpoy”, finishing about halfway down the scoreboard in 10th place. Today she turns 63, and we all wish her an Xtra lovely day!

Evelina, 30

Evelina Sasenko represented Lithuania in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf. She performed the song “C’est ma vie”, a bilingual entry in English and French. She qualified as number five from her semi-final, but in the grand final she finished 19th. Today she celebrates her 30th; we hope her day is Xtra special!

All of us here at escXtra hope that Ann-Christine and Evelina both have Xtra wonderful birthdays today! 

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