Fernando Daniel succeeds with his debut single “Espera” (Wait)

Fernando Daniel has conquered a legion of fans since his first audition on the fourth season of The Voice Portugal. On July 11th he has finally released his first single “Espera”, that counts in just 2 weeks with over 500 000 views on Youtube. Apart from the success on Youtube, his debut single has also reached the first place on “Viral 50 Portugal” on July 20th. A star is rising!

Fernando Daniel – “Espera” (Wait)

From The Voice Portugal to Festival da Canção 2017, Fernando takes every opportunity to get his space on the music industry. And guess what? He has released his debut single just two weeks ago, and it is already a success. “Espera” tells the story of a couple in which the man, despite having done some mistakes on the relationship, asks the woman to stay and wait for the better man that he will become. Beautiful story, don’t you think?

Participation on The Voice Portugal

With a touching cover of “When we were young”, originally sung by Adele, Fernando Daniel amazed the mentors and the audience on his Blind Audition. The success of his fabulous interpretation crossed the Portuguese borders and the audition counts with over 23 million views on Youtube. Therefore, his victory on the Grand Final of the show didn’t come as a surprise. You never heard about him? Well, we can solve that – Here is his first audition:

From The Voice Portugal to Festival da Canção 2017

The rumours and the hopes of the fans were confirmed and during February Fernando Daniel was announced as one of the artists to take part on the Portuguese National Final. With the song “Poema a dois”, Fernando Daniel qualified from the first Semi-Final with 17 points. At the Grand Final he ranked fifth with 14 points. The victory smiled to Salvador Sobral this time, but we never know what comes next.

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