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Russia 2018 – the saga continues

Russia’s selection for Lisbon is already raising questions and it’s only July. After what seemed like a surefire confirmation of Yulia Samoylova as their 2018 entrant and intriguing Instagram posts by Sergey Lazarev, things have now taken a new turn. It turns out Samoylova still hasn’t received an official call from either of the broadcasters to be internally selected for 2018. Meanwhile at the Sergey Lazarev front, the Instagram posts from Portugal were him filming a music video for one of his upcoming singles with  famous Ukrainian director Alan Badoev. 

Is flame burning at all?

As suggests, Samoylova is still waiting for official confirmation of her selection. She also emphasises that taking part in Eurovision is still her big dream. She also claims she’s never been to Portugal and that she would love to travel there. However, what is clear here is that neither broadcaster has confirmed her as the 2018 entrant. Neither Channel One, nor Rossiya 1 haven’t commented on the latest statements by Samoylova. Which makes one wonder – is she going to ESC in 2018 at all? If not than it would prove many cynical voices right.

Is he their only one?

In late February/early March (prior to the selection of Yulia Samoylova for 2017) Philipp Kirkorov had called for Russia to boycott the contest in Kyiv, naming political hostility as the main reason. He had also suggested that Sergey Lazarev would come back in 2018 with Russo-Greek-Cypriot “Dream Team”. On the debate show Pryamoy Efir on Rossiya 1, days after the final of 2017 contest, Sergey Lazarev was one of the guests. He was the only person on the show who did his best to keep politics out of the whole debate. At the end of broadcast, the host praised Sergey’s decency and said something like: “And next year when we return to the contest, we will definitely show (with you) what Russia is capable of.” Furthermore, in another interview, Sergey has also expressed interest in a potential ESC comeback, if there was a right song.
So what will it be eventually: Yulia’s dream come true or a Lazarev comeback? Which broadcaster will be the one taking part in Lisbon anyway? I believe we should get the answer to the last question in September, when all the broadcasters willing to take part should officially apply to the EBU.
Who do you think will end up as Russia’s act in Lisbon? Who do you hope for? Have your say in comments below and follow us on social media on @ESCXTRA. 

Comments on Russia 2018 – the saga continues

  • Jessica

    I would love to see Sergey return. He was robbed of victory in 2016 I think.

  • Yvette Bakalab Roomboblarg

    Russia should have been banned from this year’s contest. The EBU yet again bends the rules for a rich country.

  • Dorian

    I hope I see Julia in Lisbon and not Sergey again. He’s already had his chance. It simply wouldn’t be fair.

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