WATCH: Aminata releases video for “Prime Time”

Aminata Savadogo surprises with a mainstream single and video from her third studio album titled “Prime Time”.
The Latvian electro-pop diva manages to stay true to her own style while experimenting with a more urban sound.

Sexy, Fresh and Modern

The title “Prime Time” references youth, vitality and living in the moment.
The story of the video focuses on Aminata and the lack of attention she is getting from her love interest due to his obsession with work.
Throughout the video she attempts to catch his eye in multiple settings during a night out on the town.

International Collaboration

The team working with Aminata is from Sweden and Denmark and she recorded “Prime Time” in Malmo, Sweden.

Aminata at Eurovision 

Her entry “Love Injected” captivated the viewers in Vienna back in 2015 achieving Latvia’s best result since 2005 and finishing 6th among 27 competing songs overall.
Despite being a great singer she is a very talented songwriter.
Her collaboration with Justs on his song “Heartbeat” brought Latvia back in the final for the second year in a row finishing a respectable 15th among 26 finalists.
Do you like Aminata’s new single? Would you like to see her back at Eurovision?
Let us know in the comment section bellow and listen to “Prime Time” here:

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