WATCH: Polina Gagarina releases new single “Dramy bolshe net”!

Most of us know Polina Gagarina from her performance of the power ballad “A Million Voices“.  That song scored 303 points in Vienna 2015, thus gaining 2nd place. In addition, she is well known in Russia and is continually active in the music world. Her new single “Dramy bolshe net” shows a different style of music and her broad talent.

A very interesting video from Polina

“Dramy bolshe net” was released on Polina’s YouTube account last week. The song sounds powerful and is rather catchy even though I don’t understand a word! To my taste, it sounds serious but still something I could dance to. What’s more, the video adds to the seriousness. It makes you ask a few questions; what happened? Why does she look so cold? What did she do? How does it really end? In short, there seems to have been some drama, and now she sings “No more drama”.

Polina coaches on Goloc

Like I said, Polina is active in the music world. She was a coach on the Russian version of The Voice, Goloc. On the show, she coached Aminata, who performed “Love Injected” also in Vienna. Have a look at her audition!

What are your thoughts on Polina’s brand new song and video? Feel free to share.

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