LISTEN: Marco Mengoni soundtracks our summer with “Onde (Sondr Remix)”

A few weeks ago, Italian star Marco Mengoni unleashed his new single to the world. In an inspired move, Marco chose to release the Sondr Remix of Onde as the main version of the single, rather than the original. This was a perfect move, with the remix transforming the song into a chilled deep house-influenced track.

There is no doubt Sondr takes inspiration from European megahits such as Waves and Prayer in C in recent years, but the use of Italian language gives it a distinctive feel. In fact, Onde itself translates as Waves in English!

Marco represented Italy in the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with L’essenziale, finishing in 7th place. The ballad was a massive hit in Italy, and charted in several European countries following Eurovision. Marco received the maximum 12 points from three different countries: Albania, Spain and Switzerland. The following year, Marco released a Spanish version language of the track: Incomparable.

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