Rosa López releases video for “Al Fin Pienso En Mi”

Rosa López surprised fans with latest single and video for “Al Fin Pienso En Mi” a song that appears on her latest album titled “Kairós”.
The beautiful Spanish songstress collects strength to cut the ropes and become her own “puppet master”.

The Music Video

Rosa portrays a powerful yet sensitive woman.
Despite being controlled by someone else in the relationship, she manages to stand on her own at the end.
The powerful yet simple music video truly resonates with everyone that feels voiceless in their relationship.

A lyrical story

The lyrics make a statement.
Rosa is all about women’s empowerment on this track.
She isn’t afraid to start anew despite feeling powerless over her partner.
In the last verse she says:
“Empiezo de nuevo, trascribo mi historia”.
There is no doubt that Rosa is turning over a new page and starting afresh.

Rosa seizes opportunities in latest album”Kairós” 

The word Kairós is a Greek theological noun meaning a propitious moment for decision or action“.
A wise title for an album that is effectively restating the obvious message of each of the 12 songs individually.
Despite telling a universal story,  “Kairós” is Rosa’s most intimate album yet.

Star Power

Besides the fact that her album debuted at #2 in the Spanish charts, López is also starring in a six-episode exclusive reality TV series.
Conveniently titled, “Soy Rosa” focusing on her personal and professional life.
Rosa’s living a Celebration 
The Spanish public got to know López as the first ever winner of Operación Triunfo back in 2001.
The following year, her talent was widely heard and seen throughout the continent.
Her first taste of international success came to life when she flawlessly performed her Eurovision entry in 2002.
Her song “Europe’s Living A Celebration” is the best scoring Spanish entry in the last 15 years and remains a Eurovision classic.
Do you like Rosa’s new single? Have you listened to her album? Do you like any of the other songs on it? Would you like to see her waving the Spanish flag in Lisbon next year? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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