WATCH: Serbia’s ZAA release video for “Ne Odustajem”

In order to honor the 10 years existence of Demofest two of the previous festival winners including Sanja Vucic’s band ZAA and Croatia’s M.O.R.T team up on a fiery track titled “Ne Odustajem”.
The song manages to perfectly marry the styles of the two bands.
Remaining true to their individual sound yet delivering a very eclectic piece of music.

The Lyrics

The song is mainly a portrayal of the everyday struggles that people face on the Balkans.
However, the lyrics somehow manage to add an uplifting feel to the song.
Balancing the touchy subject with a message of NOT GIVING UP.

The Video 

In the music video Ivan Katic (lead vocalist of M.O.R.T) and Sanja Vucic convey their message in a few different settings.
We see Sanja looking tough and practicing for a boxing match.
Those bids perfectly correspond with the message of staying strong and being persistent.
In contrast, the end of the music video features the two bands letting loose in an underground club.

Sanja Vucic at Eurovision

In March 2016 the Serbian Public Broadcaster (RTS) announced ZAA’s very own Sanja Vucic as their representative.
Her song “Goodbye (Shelter)” managed to win over the hearts of the fans and so did Sanja’s charming personality.
Despite a somewhat disappointing results (finishing 18th in the final with 115 points) Sanja will remain as one of the most memorable Serbian representatives ever to grace the Eurovision stage.
To sum up,
What are your views on ZAA’s new single? Do you like any of their other songs? Would you like to see Sanja return at Eurovision with her band? Would you prefer to see her come back solo?
Don’t give up on us and let us know what you think.

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