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Eurovision artists appear on Forbes Russia most powerful list

Being one of Europe’s biggest music markets It comes as no surprise that Russia’s Eurovision representatives are in it to win it.
In a recent Forbes Russia “Most Powerful” list, plenty of familiar faces to the Eurovision fandom appear. The creators of the list factor in internet searches and television appearances as well as yearly earnings. The most powerful of them all is the notorious Russian ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin with an income of 14 million USD.
Moving on to the part we are intrigued by the most,

Powerful Eurovision Stars

In 2nd place we have the talented singer/songwriter Phillip Kirkorov. This fact comes as no surprise, the artistic protege has a prolific showbiz career. His Eurovision joruney begins in the distant 1995 with the song “Kolybelnaya dlya vulkana” where he ends up 17th with only 17 points. Despite the disappointing result, Kirkorov stands strong years after being responsible for many international hits. He’s effectively triumphing the Forbes ranking as the most powerful music artist with a whopping salary of 7.4 million USD.
4th place goes to Timati. Despite an unsuccessful attempt to represent Russia at Eurovision in 2012 with “Fantasy” his musical catalog speaks for itself. The young artist owns “Black Star” Record Label and is the man behind the success of many other musicians. His yearly income is estimated at 6.6 million USD.
Eurovision 2008 winner Dima Bilan climbs 8 spots from last year and earns the 5th place, cashing in 6 million USD. The Russian superstar effectively dominates the Russian charts. Beginning with the release of multiple hit singles to collaborating with Sergey Lazarev on “Prosti Menya“.
The 22nd spot goes to the emotional songstress Polina Gagarina with an estimated yearly income of 1.9 million USD overall. There is no doubt Polina made her mark this year with the release of her latest single “Dramy Bolshe Net“.
Meanwhile, Russia’s latest Eurovision representative Sergey Lazarev marks a drop of 24 positions. The Russian superstar ranks 31st despite being one of Russia’s most popular artists. On the bright side, his earnings are estimated at 1 million USD sharp.
The last Eurovision act to appear on the list are the ladies of Serebro. In addition to releasing hit singles such as “Mezhdu Nami Lyubov” and “Proidet” the girls get to walk home with 800.000 USD each.

Other familiar faces

Aside from the artists we all love and listen to the list does not end here.
The hosts of the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow also appear among the most influential people in Russian society. Grand Final hosts Ivan Urgant and supermodel Natalya Vodyanova place in the top 30, while semi final host Andrey Malakhov ranks 30th among many.
What are your favorite Russian artists on this list?  Would you like to see any of them return at Eurovision next year? Let us know in the comment section below!

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