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Who will host Eurovision 2018? Here are five likely choices…

The host city was chosen, the dates were revealed and the excitement is growing. And excitement brings what? Exactly: it brings lots of rumours! And you know what’s the latest rumour about Eurovision 2018? According to the British website “Popbitch”, RTP has been considering Nelly Furtado as a potential host for Eurovision 2018. She is gorgeous, she sings and she speaks perfect English – but will these rumours turn out to be true? And what if they aren’t? Who are the hot favourites to host the upcoming contest? Let’s have a look!

Who is Nelly Furtado?

Born in Canada from Portuguese parents, Nelly Furtado is a world famous Pop singer who enjoyed during the early 2000’s the most successful period of her career. With hits as “I’m like a bird”, “Maneater” or “Say it right”, the Portuguese-Canadian singer has sold over 40 million records worldwide. Despite being born in Canada, her Portuguese roots have always been present in her music career.

Nelly Furtado and Eurovision

The first rumour involving Nelly Furtado and Eurovision goes back to 13 years ago. We were in 2004, and Portugal was going to host the 2004 European Championship. Do you remember the official anthem of the competition? Well, according to the rumours Nelly Furtado was supposed to represent Portugal at Eurovision with “Força”. If we take a look at the official video, it has exactly three minutes, which gives some strength to the rumours. So, what went wrong? Why didn’t she perform at Eurovision? It remains a mystery.
However, the rumours around Nelly Furtado didn’t stop in 2004. Last year it was reported by several online websites that she was open to representing Portugal at the contest. Those rumours were later denied by the singer on her Twitter account. Once again, the hopes of some fans were killed.
More recently, the British website “Popbitch” has reported that RTP has been considering Nelly Furtado as a potential host for the upcoming contest. Will these rumours turn out to be true? We will see!

Who are the other hot favourites?

How many hosts will we have next year? Who will they be? When will they be revealed? For now, all we can do is speculate. While we wait for an official announcement, what do you think about taking a look at the five favourites to host the Eurovision 2018?

Filomena Cautela

Filomena Cautela is a 32-year-old actress and presenter who has a long career in the artistic world. Besides hosting the Green Room at FdC 2017 and giving the Portuguese votes at Eurovision 2017, Filomena Cautela has also hosted the Press Conference that announced Lisbon as the hosting city for Eurovision 2018. She is young, she is beautiful and the big favourite among the Eurovision Fans. Despite her yet recent relation with Eurovision, she has been very enthusiastic about the show. Maybe she fell in love with the Eurovision Bubble? With her irreverence and sympathy, she would be a perfect choice.

Catarina Furtado

If we want someone with experience, Catarina Furtado is the obvious choice. The 44-year-old presenter and actress has worked with RTP for the past 14 years and has hosted several talent shows. Among those talent shows we have “Operação Triunfo” that was used twice as the scenario to choose the Portuguese representative at Eurovision: in 2003 and 2004. More recently she has presented the last two editions of The Voice Portugal. On what it comes to Eurovision, she has hosted the Grand Final of Festival da Canção 2015 and 2017. She is gorgeous, charming and professional. Will we have another Petra Mede?

Pedro Fernandes

Among these five hosts, Pedro Fernandes is probably the least obvious choice. However, it wouldn’t come as a surprise. Pedro Fernandes is a Portuguese actor, screenwriter, radio broadcaster and comedian. With so many talents, Eurovision wouldn’t be a hard mission for him. He has previously worked with Filomena Cautela and Catarina Furtado. Why not a team between this three amazing hosts for next May?

Silvia Alberto

Do you know how many Portuguese National Finals this beautiful woman has presented? No less than 8 editions! Since 2008 she is the Eurovision queen in Portugal, and Festival da Canção is no longer the same without her. After so many “Festivais da Canção”, the opportunity to host Eurovision would be a deserved award. She has the experience, guys! Always the bridesmaid? We hope not!

Pedro Granger

Eurovision has no secrets for Pedro Granger. The Portuguese actor and presenter has attended Eurovision live 7 times! Yes, he is one of us. Besides being a hardcore fan of the contest, he had the honour to host Festival da Canção 2012. He is known and loved by the Portuguese public. Can he take his Eurovision experience even deeper? Hosting the contest is a dream. Will the dream become real?

Who do you think will present Eurovision 2018? Who is your favourite Portuguese presenter? Let us know in the comments below!

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