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PSOE wants national languages only for Spain at Eurovision

The leading Spanish opposition party – PSOE wants a Spanish national languages only rule for Objetivo Eurovisión.
The centre-left party comes with a clear proposal to the Committee of Culture in Congress in which future Spanish representatives could only perform in Spanish, Catalan, Basque or Galician. However, in addition to their language rule suggestion, they also state that quality and talent should prevail in the selection process.
These rules would directly apply to RTVE’s quest for finding the Spanish representative for Eurovision 2018 if approved.

Disappointment for Spain

One of the clearest arguments in this debate are Spain’s recent results at Eurovision.
Despite trying their hardest, both Manel and Barei failed to leave an impression on viewers and juries across Europe. In addition to scoring low they both used English in their songs which is a fact that PSOE uses to validate their argument.
Barei speaks to escXtra at the London Eurovision Party

Iberian competitiveness

PSOE’s argument grow stronger due to the Portuguese triumph in Kiev. The two Iberian neighbors were similar in many ways when it came to achieving a decent result at Eurovision but that certainly changed this year. Portugal triumphed the contest with the emotional ballad “Amar Pelos Dois” by Salvador Sobral. In the meantime, Spain was left behind down at the bottom, finishing last with Manel’s summery “Do It For Your Lover“.
What our team had to say about Manel’s “Do It For Your Lover”
In addition to just winning, Portugal managed to win with a song performed entirely in Portuguese.
Pulling on the strings of patriotism, the party states that the contest is a gathering of nations in order to represent their individual culture and language. Judging from that we can clearly see what triggered their request for a national languages only rule in Objetivo Eurovisión.
Do you think that singing in English could potentially mean a better result? Would you like to hear more countries sending songs in their native languages? Would the introduction of this rule be a possible game changer for Spain? Give us your views on the topic in the comment section below!

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