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WATCH: Albania’s Lindita sizzles in her “Rock Whine” video

Albania’s 2017 Eurovision representative Lindita Halimi looks sizzling hot in her latest music video “Rock Whine”.
The beautiful and talented singer takes us on a sensual journey and asks us to move, move and grove while strutting her stuff.

Rock rock rock whine

“Rock Whine” is a smooth R&B track where Lindita’s vocals are the main star. Ultimately, the Albanian beauty sports a very unique yet mainstream sounding single which is perfect for the summer.
The lyrics of the song certainly are a bit daring and sexually charged but she somehow manages to keep it very classy and subtle.
Despite being different than her Eurovision entry “World“, she somehow manages to stay true to her own style and playful personality.
What our team had to say about Lindita’s Eurovision entry “World”

Splash of color for the summer

In addition to the high production value of the song, the Albanian beauty certainly makes sure that the video doesn’t disappoint either. She manages to perfectly capture the essence of the lyrics through the visual story.
The exotic, summery and sexy music video is shot in The United States where she and her husband live.

Lindita at Eurovision

Just like every other Albanian representative, Lindita starts her Eurovision journey with winning Festivali i Këngës with her powerful ballad “Botë“.
Despite not qualifying, she keeps on ROCKING  (not whining).
In any event,
What do you think of Lindita’s latest video? Do you like “Rock Whine”? Would you like to see her back at Eurovision with something similar?
Let us know in the comment section below.

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