An Xtra Happy Birthday; August 6th

Today we have two birthday girls to celebrate. Funnily enough, though, there are three countries and four participations involved. One of them has actually taken part in Eurovision three times. And she has represented two different countries! And since she is also the oldest of the two; let’s start with her!

Stella Maessen, 64

Stella is Dutch, and she did also represent the Netherlands at Eurovision once; in 1970. This was her first participation, and he performed “Waterman” as part of the trio Hearts of Soul. The other two members of the band were her sisters Patricia and Bianca. They finished in 8th place out of the 12 participating countries. In Stella’s other two Eurovision appearances she represented Belgium. In 1977 she was part of Dream Express, along with her sisters and Luc Smets. They finished 7th with their song “A Million in One, Two , Three“. In 1982 she achieved her best Eurovision result, when she finished 4th with “Si tu aimes ma musique“.

Kate Gulbrandsen, 52

Kate represented Norway in the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest in Brussel. She performed the song “Mitt liv”, and finished in a very respectable 9th place. Two years later she triedher luck in Melodi Grand Prix again. She performed the song “Nærhet“, but finished outside of the top three that proceeded to a gold final.

All of us here at escXtra hope that Stella and Kate both have Xtra super birthdays today! 

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