Dino Merlin gets artsy in “Sve dok te bude imalo” music video

Bosnia&Herzegovina’s two time Eurovision representative and Balkan music legend – Dino Merlin releases a video for “Sve Dok Te Bude Imalo” a song that appears on his 2014 album “Hotel Nacional”.
Dino manages to pull our heartstrings with a very meaningful music video and a perfect Balkan tune to go along with it.

Sve dok te bude imalo

One of Dino’s most popular songs out of his 2014 album “Hotel Nacional” finally came to life. The music video is shot in multiple locations across Sarajevo, the most memorable being Vjecnica. The video credits go to directorial duo Haris Dubica and Edvin Mulalic.
Their undeniable artistic sense goes to great lengths by using a post-production technique called paralax or 2.5D.
In addition to their brilliant creative, by using this technique they make Dino come alive in paintings.
Rather than just letting the song do the talking, they certainly make the video says a lot. The metaphorical message of the music video suggests that sometimes being able to see and seeing is not the same thing. The world from a loved one’s eyes can make you see things rather than just look at them.


The music and the lyrics of song are Dino’s while the melody is a the work of the famous clarinet player Hüsnü Şenlendirici (Taksim Trio).
On this particular track Dino collaborates with a the famous British produced – Yoad Nevo. Yoad’s long list of clients include Sia, The Pet Shop Boys, Bryan Adams, Sugababes and many others.

Dino Merlin and Eurovision

The Balkan legend has his first taste of Eurovision in the distant 1999 where his song “Putnici” finishes 7th.
His second appearance in the contest  is in Dusseldorf back in 2011 where his entry “Love in Rewind” bettered his previous result and finished 6th.
In any event,
Would you like to see Bosnia&Herzegovina join the party in Lisbon? Who would you like to see as their representative? Do you think Dino should come back for a top 5 finish?
Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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