An Xtra Happy Birthday; August 8th

Two Eurostars to celebrate today! One girl, one guy. They both participated in the 10s, and both qualified for the final in their year. Despite being among the pre contest favorites, they also both finished on the right hand side of the scoreboard. 

Harel Skaat, 36

Harel Skaat represented Israel in the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo with the amazing ballad “Millim”. He finished 8th in the second semi-final, thus qualifying for the grand final. In the final he finished 5th in the jury vote and 19th in the televoting, giving him a 14th place combined. Despite not winning the contest, “Millim” won THREE of the Marcel Bezencon awards; best artist, best composition and best entry. Since taking part in Eurovision Harel has released two more albums, making it a total of four so far. He has also toured extensively.

Sanja Vucic, 24
Sanja represented Serbia in the 2016 Eurovision in Stockholm, with the song “Goodbye (Shelter)”. She qualified in 10th place from the second semi-final, thus grabbing the last ticket for the grand final. In the final she finished 18th, which was quite unexpected, as she had been among the favorites in the weeks leading up to the contest. Outside of Eurovision Sanja is part of the band ZAA, who plays all kinds of music; from ska and dub to jazz and punk. In addition to singing, Sanja is a language buff; she speaks five languages!

All of us here at escXtra hope that both Harel and Sanja will have Xtra super happy birthdays! 

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