Meet the ESCXTRA team! Part 30 – JACK

This summer, we are running a series of feature articles that is slightly different to the norm. We think this is the perfect time for you (and us!) to find out more about the ESCXTRA team! Twice a week we’ll meet two of our team members. What is our personal Eurovision story? Why did we want to be a part of this website? What are our favourite Eurovision songs of all-time? How can you get in touch with us on social media? Read on to find out!


Hey everyone! My name is Jack, a 20-year-old Tourism Management student from Kent. My biggest passion is Eurovision, obviously, but also, I love traveling and learning new languages too. Next month, I am moving to Malta to continue my studies at university. Feel free to follow me on Twitter!
Twiter – @ESCJackkk

Your first Eurovision memory?

My earliest Eurovision memory was back in 2007. I was watching the final with my family and despite never seeing the contest before, there was something rather intriguing about it. The 2007 entries from Georgia, Slovenia and Ukraine are probably the reason why I decided to continue following the contest, as I adored those songs so much. I also found the voting really exciting – despite the UK coming a disappointing 22nd place. Everything about Eurovision was captivating and ever since I have been hooked. Although it wasn’t until 2010 I became a mega fan and started following the national finals.

Your Eurovision journey?

My Eurovision journey is quite a long one. Back in 2012, I launched my own blog – EurovisionJack3 – to write about the contest and whilst I still am very proud of my old website, last year I decided to call it a day because it becoming was too much work for me and interfered with my studies. Yet I did miss writing about the contest and therefore escXtra seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to get back into the game. I have also been fortunate enough to meet some of my favourite Eurovision stars including Francesco Gabbani, Krista Siegfrids and Valentina Monetta.

I love discovering new music from different countries and Eurovision has probably aided my love for travel and geography too.

Why is Eurovision special to you?

Eurovision is special to me for so many reasons! It is a bit of a cliché but Eurovision really does unite people from across the globe. Eurovision has also enabled me to travel to numerous countries, including Ukraine back in May, and I probably would not have had the chance to visit Ukraine otherwise. I have discovered so many incredible artists thanks to the contest and about 80% of the music I listen to is Eurovision related. And finally, Eurovision has enabled me to meet so many amazing people online who share my love for the contest. I have also introduced Eurovision to my real-life friends and converted some of them into fans too. I adore Eurovision and everything it represents.

What attracted you to ESCXTRA?

My good friend Nick invited to become part of the team a few weeks ago and I jumped at the chance! I have always been a big fan of escXtra, it is a fabulous website and I cannot wait to get involved and start writing articles for you all!

And finally, your top 5 Eurovision songs of all-time?

This was such a tough decision but after much deliberation, I have decided my top five of all-time. I think my number one will be quite a unique choice!
5th: Iveta Mukuchyan – LoveWave (Armenia 2016)

4th: Francesco Gabbani – Occidentali’s Karma (Italy 2017)

3rd: Sopho – Visionary Dream (Georgia 2007)

2nd: Emma – La Mia Città (Italy 2014)

1st: Claudia Faniello – Breathlessly (Malta 2017)

My favourite Eurovision song is ‘Breathlessly’. I have been a massive fan of Claudia’s since 2010 and I was delighted when she won the Maltese national final this year. Her raspy voice is beautiful and I am still so sad she got 0 points in the televote. The part ‘climbing over walls that always felt too high’ is very special to me because it represents my journey of moving to Malta. I never expected to have the opportunity to study and live abroad, yet next month I will be moving to Malta on my own and starting the next chapter of my life. Malta 2017 will always have a special place in my heart.
Stay tuned for the future parts in our Meet the ESCXTRA team series. Remember you can share your Eurovision stories with us in the comments section below or via the comments sections on our Facebook page @ESCXTRA. We would love to hear them!

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