An Xtra Happy Birthday; August 9th

Three birthday boys today; one from Norway, one from Sweden and the last one from Ukraine! One participated long before one of the others was even born, one won the contest, and one was the debut singer for his country. Have you managed to find out who is who yet?

Odd Børre, 78

Odd Børre represented Norway in the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Stress”. “Stress” actually finished second in Melodi Grand Prix, after “Jeg har aldri vært så glad i noen som deg” (I have never loved anyone as much as you). However, being accused of plagiarism (the song bore quite the resemblance to Cliff Richard’s “Congratulations”) the composer withdrew the song. Due to this, Odd Børre got to sing “Stress” at Eurovision, finishing 13th out of 17 participating countries. He also tried his luck in the Norwegian preselections on five other occasions, without making it all the way.

Per Herrey, 59

Per Herrey was, as his name hints at, part of the Swedish group Herreys. The other two members were his brothers Richard and Louis. Per is the oldest of the three, and at Eurovision he was the one wearing red. Herreys won the Eurovision Song Contest for Sweden with their song “Diggi-loo diggi-ley” back in 1984.

Oleksandr Ponomariov, 44

Oleksandr represented Ukraine in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest. This was Ukaraine’s debut year, and it makes sense that Oleksandr was selected to be their first participant. He is one of Ukraine’s most popular singers, having won the Ukrainian “Singer of the Year” award seven times. At Eurovision he finished 14th with the rather upbeat and happy song “Hasta la Vista”.
All of us here at escXtra wish today’s birthday boys Xtra happy celebrations!

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