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Poland confirms participation in Eurovision 2018

This year, in Kyiv, Kasia Mos achieved a disappointing 22nd place for Poland in the Eurovision Song Contest with her song, Flashlight. Today, the Polish broadcaster, TVP, have announced that they haven’t given up on Eurovision, and they will take part in next year’s contest in Lisbon!

Another national final for Poland

Poland will use their proven method of selecting their entry again next year. TVP will use a national final, as they have in previous years, and we hope to see many Polish stars taking part!

Perhaps we could see the 2016 Krajowe Eliminacje participant (and massive fan favourite) Margaret taking part again? Maybe Edyta Górniak could return, and attempt to beat her previous record of 2nd place for Poland? Or, could Michal Szpak return, and this time win over both the juries and the televoters?

Poland’s Eurovision History

Poland debuted in the contest in 1994, and is yet to win. Their best result was their debut entry, Edyta Górniak with To nie ja!, which came a very respectable 2nd place.

Since then, Poland has had mixed results in the contest, and have only made it into the top ten three times. After a break from 2012-2013, Poland returned with Donatan & Cleo, who changed the tide for Poland in Eurovision!

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 8th, 10th, and 12th May in Lisbon, Portugal.
The final list of participants for Eurovision 2018 will be released after the application deadline in mid-September.
What do you think of this? Are you happy to see Poland back? Who would you like to see win their national final? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

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