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Bosnia & Herzegovina: Financial problems leaves future participation uncertain

The future for Bosnia & Herzegovina remains uncertain as BHRT, the national broadcaster, continues to face severe financial problems. BHRT have only recently managed to secure substantiate funding to help keep them afloat.

Securing new funding

The EBU reports that they have signed an agreement with Elektroprivreda – JP EP (Electric Company). This new agreement means that BHRT will receive a license fee through electricity bills. Therefore, the broadcaster will receive a steady flow of income. EBU Head of Member Relations, Eastern Europe, Radka Betcheva said:

“We are pleased that BHRT has managed to secure stable income going forward which will allow them to better fulfil their remit to society. However BHRT is still in need of urgent Government support to both repeal the outdated media laws and to help repay their debts which now stand in the region of 20 million euros. Without this assistance, public service media in BiH is still in a perilous state and we continue to appeal to the government to find a long term solution to their problems.

Unfortunately, BHRT’s financial situation still remains bleak. The country was forced to withdraw in 2017 because of financial difficulties. It remains to be seen if Bosnia & Herzegovina will return to the contest.

Bosnia & Herzegovina in Eurovision

The Balkan nation has participated in Eurovision on 19 occasions since making their debut in 1993. Despite never winning, they were among the most successful countries prior to their withdrawal in 2013. Between 2004 and 2012 they never missed a final. Their best result was 3rd place in 2006 with Hari Mata Hari.
In 2016, Bosnia & Herzegovina returned to the contest. Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner & Jala came 11th place in the semi final thus giving the country their first non qualification.

We all hope to see Bosnia & Herzegovina return in the near future! 
Who would be your dream Bosnian participant? Let us know by commenting below! 

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