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EUROVISION 2017 QUIZ: Which entry would you be?

Is there a better way to start off your weekend than with a Eurovision 2017 quiz. We certainly don’t think there is. Join us on our journey of Eurovision self discovery.
On today’s menu we have a series of questions (13 to be exact) with which we’ll help you determine who’s your “spirit animal” from this years contest.

About the Eurovision 2017 quiz

The series of questions you’ll stumble upon in the quiz below will give you a result based on the performance with a little PERSONALITY added to it.
In addition to being singers/performers, we got to know the artists as human beings. That is why the result you’ll get at the end of the quiz comes with a twist. A personality trait of the specific performer with a hashtag “#” that you can use when sharing your result with your friends on all social media networks.
And no, you cannot fail this quiz …. All of our performers have an A+ in the personality department and so do their fans.
Quiz your troubles away AND don’t forget to share YOUR results in the comment section below. 

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