A Friend in London’s Tim Schou releases Morrison!

In 2011, A Friend in London came 5th in the Eurovision Song Contest for Denmark with their song, New Tomorrow. Now, their lead singer, Tim Schou, has released a new single, called Morrison!
The song has a similar rock vibe to it, like A Friend in London had. It makes use of strong bass and whistling to create an unforgetable tune. Tim sings about fighting the demons in his mind and trying to not go insane.

“Dear lord, am I losing my mind?
Because I feel like Morrison
Like I need my medicine
And I feel like giving in”

The music video

The black and white music video was shot in a Danish church, and shows Tim fighting against a devil character, played by Danish actor Pelle Emil Hebsgaard.
What do you think of Tim’s latest single? Do you prefer this style of music, or do you want to see A Friend in London reunite? Tell us in the comments below!

Comments on A Friend in London’s Tim Schou releases Morrison!

  • Samantha Ryan

    His style of music is Great & he can do different types of sounds & beats & make his songs sound different from others. Of course, I like to see him reunite with his band just as much as the rest of his fans, but I love his solo stuff. keep on going solo Tim & keep writing cause you’re the Best.

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