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Inna would do Eurovision in the future

In an interview in Turkey, Romanian singer Inna has said that she would do Eurovision. In fact, she would do it for both Romania and Turkey.

Who is Inna?

Elena Alexandra, more commonly known as Inna is a Romanian singer and songwriter. She has achieved international success with many of her songs. Her breakthrough single, where she achieved success outside of Romania, was with ‘Hot’. In the UK, she charted at number 6 with the single.

She has gone on to release four studio albums, with her latest one ‘Inna’ being released towards the end of 2015.

In our previous article, we talked about who we’d like to see represent Romania in Eurovision, including Inna!

I would do Eurovision

A few days ago, in an interview in Turkey, Inna was asked about Eurovision and Turkey as a whole. She spoke very fondly about Eurovision in that interview and said:
“I do think the Eurovision Song Contest is for people that want to get into the music business internationally. I think that I actually have already done this, so I prefer to let other talented artists do it. Every time when Eurovision is happening, I am doing concerts and in the past I have not been free to do it. There’s a lot of work to prepare yourself. You have to travel and it takes away maybe two months from your programme”.
She mentioned that now is not the best time due to her schedule, but she would like to do it in the future.
“First time for my country because I love my country and I am very proud of my country, but the second time I would do it for Turkey with all of my love”.
You can watch the interview where Inna talks about Eurovision below. From the 3:15 mark, she begins to talk about Eurovision.

What are your thoughts about Inna wanting to do Eurovision in the future? Would you like her to represent Romania or Turkey? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sagheer Chaudhry

I first watched Eurovision in 2007 and fell in love with the amazing Natalia Barbu and "Fight", I have been a fan of Eurovision ever since. Following and finding Eurovision related news is what I love to do and as a member of the escXtra team, I will be providing ESC fans with news.

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