Simon Webbe releases video for “Nothing Without You”

Blue’s band member and Eurovision 2011 representative for The UK – Simon Webbe is “Nothing Without You” in latest music video.
In addition to releasing the emotional love song Simon Webbe is also getting ready for the release of his third studio album titled “Smile” which is scheduled for August 25th.
“Nothing Without You” being the first single from the new album seems like a smart and sentimental move at the same time. Simon proposed to his beautiful girlfriend Ayshen in Jamaica and this song served as their engagement track. The video of the proposal went viral and his latest single managed to reach fans worldwide prior to being released.

The Lyrics 

Cheerful yet beautifully emotional at the same time. Simon takes us through the story of how he and his fiancé met through the lyrics of the song.
Rather than just being poetic and complicated, the lyrics are concise and to the point. Some of the more memorable lines suggest that they’ve been keeping the relationship a secret for some time.
Simon and Ayshen certainly aren’t keeping it a secret anymore and he has dedicated his latest single to her.

“Nothing Without You” video

Simon manages to match the song with a very uplifting music video. The simplicity of the video gives the song the spotlight rather than taking shine away form it.
In the video we see him throughout town in various settings and for the chorus he uses the clear blue skies as a backdrop.

A Simon Webbe comeback

“Nothing Without You” is the first single of his third and long-awaited album titled “Smile”.
Despite the 10 year gap between his third and second studio album “Grace”, Simon has been a performing and booking gigs abroad.

Blue at Eurovision

Blue represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2011 and to this day they hold UK’s best result of this decade coming in 11th and scoring 100 points.
You can pre-order Simon’s album “Smile” here and listen to “Nothing Without You” here:
Do you like Simon’s new single? What do you think about the video? Would you like to see him represent the UK solo?
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