Alexey Vorobyov tops iTunes charts with “Ya Tebya Lyublyu”

Alexey Vorobyov releases lyric video for his latest single “Ya Tebya Lyublyu” and tops Russia’s iTunes charts.
Russia’s 2011 Eurovision representative – Alexey Vorobyov puts us in a retro summery mood with the release of his latest single.
Rather than complicating things, he goes straight to the point and expresses his feelings with a simple “I Love You”.

The Lyrics

The lyrical journey is a very simple one. It’s a story of how a heartbreaker caves in and starts catching feelings for a girl.
In addition to just being a 50’s groovy tune, Alexey manages to keep the lyrics current by asking for the password for the phone and the heart of his love interest.
Overall, this cheeky tune is the perfect anthem for the summer. And It comes as no surprise that Alexey managed to move past names like Charlie Puth and P!nk on Russia’s iTunes charts only 2 hours after the release of his single.

Alexey Vorobyov at Eurovision

Alexey Vorobyov holds the title of achieving the worst result for Russia at Eurovision of this decade.
His catchy pop banger “Get You” only managed to score 77 points in the final and finished 16th out of 25 competing acts.
Despite the fact that he didn’t give Russia a top 10 finish at Eurovision, Alexey is a winner when it comes down to producing chart topping tracks.
You can listen to his latest single “Ya Tebya Lyublyu”  here:
What do you think of Alexey’s new song? Did you like his Eurovision entry? Would you like to see him back at the contest?
Let us know know in the comment section down below.

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