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Ilinca looks back at her Eurovision experience!

Ilinca gave us something completely new and unique at this year’s Eurovision; her and Alex Florea’s song, Yodel It!, made use of yodelling (you can see what we thought of it here)! They came seventh for Romania, even placing fifth with the televoters. Ilinca made vlogs every day through Eurovision, and now, three months after the final, she has published her first video since Eurovision. In it, she talks all about her life after Eurovision!
Ilinca starts by explaining why the video is so much later after Eurovision; she just had no idea how to end her Eurovision vlogs and say thank you, it was such a big experience for her! But, she just decided that she has to at least try:

“…but, I’m here trying, okay? I’M TRYING!”

She goes on to talk about how we’ve all been suffering from PED, post-Eurovision depression…and Ilinca is no exception! She describes it as “kind of sad”.

Eurovision, Eurovision, Eurovision

After the PED has passed, Ilinca says that she started to get annoyed at anybody who asked her about Eurovision.

“People start asking you the same questions over and over again, like the only thing they ask you is:

So how was Eurovision? Is Eurovision for real? What was your favourite country? How’s your life after Eurovision? How was Eurovision? Where you nervous in Eurovision? Did you like Eurovision? Would you like to go to Eurovision again? What’s Eurovision? What did you do in Eurovision? Did you win Eurovision? So how was Eurovision? How was Eurovision?!? HOW WAS EUROVISFIJDKGJWEOSG”

In fact, this is Ilinca’s reaction at the sheer mention of Eurovision now…

Ilinca’s love life

She also addresses the question which we’ve heard her being asked a million times: are you in a relationship with Alex? To this, her answer is a straight-forward no. She’s single, or as Ilinca puts it, “single and ready to mingle”.

Being recognised

Eurovision was a fantastic experience for Ilinca, although she describes it as being difficult on the brain, she then tells us:

“Of course, there are ups and downs to being on Eurovision. One of the ups is that people start recognising you and you get gifts!”

However, Ilinca says that when people first recognise you, they don’t just come up to you and immediately say “Oh, you’re Ilinca from Eurovision!”…they try to be sneaky about it, thinking that Ilinca won’t notice, but she notices them every time!

“People are really funny, they’re so shy! The reaction I get every time I meet someone who saw me on Eurovision is “YOU’RE SO SHORT! On TV you looked so tall with your giraffe legs!””

Eurovision changed Ilinca

Apparently, another effect that Eurovision might have on you is that it makes you cut your hair.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, Ilinca is now sporting a new, shorter hair cut, and we think she looks great with it! She says that Eurovision changes who you are because you learn so much in Eurovision and you grow as a person.

“I don’t think that anybody who’s ever been in Eurovision is the same person after it. It’s a life changing experience to have.”

Adoring messages from fans

Ilinca gives us a look at the messages that she receives on social media. Apparently, she gets many every day from fans around the world, including:

“Hi, I have a crush on you, I really love you!”

…and the slightly less adorable:

“F*** you stupid w**** I hate your singing”

Thank you everyone!

Ilinca says that she is so thankful to have been a contestant at Eurovision, and to have had so many great fans that were with her on her amazing journey.

“Thank you for all of your comments and everything you’ve posted about Yodel It!, and just thank you for being there because this Eurovision experience wouldn’t have been the same without you!”

She also addresses the question that many fans have been annoying Ilinca with asking Ilinca: will she return to Eurovision one day?

“I don’t know if I will be competing again some time, maybe in the future, but for sure not in the next 3 years or so because I need to recover!”

The video ends with Ilinca summing up pretty much how most of us are right now; drinking away our sorrows and screaming about how much we miss Eurovision!

You can watch the full video for yourself below, and don’t forget to subscribe to Ilinca’s channel, Yodelinca!

Are you happy to hear from Ilinca again? Do you want to see her return to Eurovision? What were your thoughts on her and Alex Florea’s entry, Yodel It!? Get involved in the comments below!

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I've watched Eurovision for as long as I can remember, but my interest really built in 2008, after I decided to watch the semifinals online, out of boredom, before the final...I was blown away by the quality of the show and have been hooked ever since! I'm a competitive trampolinist and I love baking. I've also just completed a master's degree in Research Methods in Psychology at University College London.

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