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RTP outlines initial proposal for Eurovision Lisbon 2018

Details have emerged from RTP on the initial proposal for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, giving us the first indications of what we can expect for Lisbon 2018. We now have details of the expected budget, locations and themes for the contest.

Most economical & creative edition of Eurovision

The CEO of Portugeese broadcaster RTP has promised “the most economic, but also the most creative” contest ever. The cost is expected to be closer to the €20 million of Malmö’s contest in 2013. RTP, Lisbon City Council, the Tourism Chamber of Lisbon and Turismo de Portugal will cover the costs of the contest. Some of this will come from a €1 ‘tourist tax’ revenue implemented back in January 2016. Lisbon is expecting 27,000 fans during the Eurovision weeks, with a profit generated of at least €25 million.

Lisbon 2018 – “500 Years Intertwined”

Although RTP have yet to announce the final official slogan and branding of Lisbon 2018 , there are some clues on what themes to expect. These themes include the idea of being connected, or intertwined, through the oceans. Portugal has extended it’s influence over the sea for five hundred years through trade links with Europe as well as Asia, the Americas and Oceania. The director of RTP states Lisbon “invites everyone to celebrate this desire to get closer and stay united, that is the future”.


Eurovillage & Opening Ceremony locations

RTP have confirmed for the two weeks from April 29th to May 13th 2018, the well-known ‘Praça do Comércio’ will be hosting the Eurovillage with the usual mix of exhibitors, catering, merchandising and a concert area. This site has historical significance as it was the gateway to Lisbon and Europe for merchant ships arriving there. ‘Rue de Augusta’, the main street leading to ‘Praça do Comércio’, will be potential host of the opening ceremony.
Lisbon 2018

An eco-friendly Eurovision

RTP and Lisbon are aiming to ensure this edition of song contest is an eco-sustainable one. The promise is “a contest without excesses but of great quality, elegance and simplicity”. Proposals are to use the Photovoltaic Park of 900 panels to generate solar energy to cover the energy needs during the Eurovision week and for water resources to come from a rainwater harvesting system.

What next?

The official channels of Eurovision will make public information on ticket sales in the last quarter of 2017. The first round of tickets will be sold hopefully by the end of the year. The drawing of the semi-finals will take place in January 2018, as well as presentation of the visual identity and slogan.
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Tom O'Donoghue

Music photographer based in Somerset, United Kingdom. Photographer for London Eurovision Party.

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