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Pastora Soler to represent Spain in 2018?

In 2012, Pastora Soler gave Spain their best Eurovision result (in terms of total points) since 1995 with her fantastically performed power-ballad, Quédate conmigo. She was one of the fan favourites before the contest, and Spanish fans in particular were very excited about Spain’s prospects. Despite only just reaching the top 10 with 97 points, Pastora’s song is still considered one of the best power-ballads of recent years. Now, rumours are emerging that she may return for Spain next year!
After the last three years of disappointing results for Spain, and Manel Navarro’s failure last year in Kyiv, TVE might want to select their entry themselves. This would give them some much-needed confidence, and above all, security.

Pastora Soler would be a great choice for Spain! She has recently returned to music, and will release a new album later this year (more on that below!) What better way for Pastora to return to music than by returning to the contest where she was adored five years ago?

Pastora Soler after Eurovision

After coming 10th for Spain in 2012, Pastora became a judge for the Spanish talent show El Número Uno. Then, she released her tenth studio album, Conóceme. The album became her most successful début with Warner, with the album debuting at number 2 on the Spanish Album Chart!

In 2014, Pastora put her career on hold after abruptly walking off stage during a concert in Málaga on 30 November. She had suffered an accident during a concert earlier in the year. Since then, she had suffered with vertigo and other difficulties. Pastora just found it too difficult to perform.
However, in February this year, Pastora Soler announced that she would return with a new album. She will release La calma on 15 September! It’s worth noting that this release date is after 1 September; after this date, any song released could be used as a Eurovision entry! She released her first single from the album, La tormenta, just over a month ago. Give it a listen below!

Pastora Soler storms back with ‘La Tormenta’

What do you think of this news? Would you like to see Pastora Soler return for Spain? Did you enjoy her performance of Quédate conmigo in 2012? Let us know in the comments below!

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